Flirting Fun - Having the Attitude

Body Language
Body language is *extremely* important in flirting - if you sit with your legs crossed and arms crossed that is a very negative signal to your partner. Donīt twirl your hair or do other signs of boredom or distraction - youīre supposed to be having fun, and wanting to be here! You want to appear open, relaxed, and enjoying yourself.

Donīt Hesitate
Remember the īhe who hesitates is lostī? Hesitation in flirting makes your partner think something is wrong, that you donīt really want to be there or unsure about something. Be spontaneous and enthusiastic. Donīt sit back and worry about what your partner is thinking, or how to phrase something just right for 5 minutes. The more you practice, the more that flirtatious phrases will seem like second nature.

Engaging in Conversation
A flirt is good at being a great listener in a conversation. Listen to what the other person is saying, and then ask questions about what theyīve said, and be truly interested in the answer. Looking into someoneīs eyes and saying with feeling, "Really? Thatīs fascinating, tell me more!" (or something equivalent) is a sure fire way to make the talker feel good and to keep things going well.

Flirting in the Halls
Flirting is about being so much fun that others want to be with you. If you see someone you like in a hallway, donīt stride past, donīt stare at them. Think about whatever makes you happiest, and hold that happy thought as you stroll past. Then glance at your object, and think to yourself, "We could have so much fun!" for about 3 seconds as you look at him/her, before you look away. This is just enough to let your object know you are interested, but not enough to make him/her think you are a little *too* in pursuit!

Humor and Fun
People love hearing jokes and funny stories - it amuses them, and it gives them something to go amuse others with later on. Grab a good joke book and memorize a few jokes before heading off on a date. Youīd be amazed at how tossing one into a quiet moment can get things lively again!

Movies at a dinner-theater
Itīs really hard to flirt when everyone is supposed to be quiet and watching the movie. Instead of going to a conventional theater, find a dinner-theater in your area that lets you eat pizza and drink beer or wine while you watch the movie. Cuddle up on the couch and nibble the pizza together - thereīs far more flirtatious opportunities that way!

Smile and laugh
Much more than people wanting someone who is beautiful or smart, most people would choose someone who is happy and fun to be with. These qualities have much more importance in a relationship. When you flirt, show that you are a happy, fun person, and that you want to be with whoever you are flirting with. Smile, laugh, and have a great time - it will shine through to the flirtee.

Sweet surprise
Carve her initials in your backyard tree. (make sure the treeīs large and you havenīt carved anyone elseīs initials there)

The Basis of Flirting
They key to flirting is to feel good about yourself! As a flirt, you want the person youīre flirting with to feel good about you, and to seem like a fun, happy, great-to-be-with person. If you feel that you are, then you sort of radiate that out to the other person.

If you sit next to them thinking, "Iīm having fun, this is great, Iīm so glad to be here," it really comes right across to the other person.

Think of it as a game
If you get too wrapped up in flirting - worrying about getting hurt or doing the wrong thing - then you probably *will* get hurt or do something you think is wrong. Flirting is about having fun. Donīt have a set goal in mind - think of it as an exercise in seeing how your partner reacts to your moves. Try something, and see how he/she reacts. If itīs a bad reaction, now you know, and try something else. As with anything in life, practice makes perfect!

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