Flirting Fun - Breaking the Ice

Carry a Book
If you´re going on a train, or plane, or bus, or whatever, don´t just put on headphones and block out the world. Carry an interesting book with you, and leave it in your lap for a while. It´s amazing how many people will start up a conversation because they´re intrigued by what you´re reading. Just make sure it´s not a bodice-ripper romance novel! Save those for when you´re not looking for company :)

Learn an Interesting Hobby
People always like to learn new and interesting things. Spend some time to get involved in a hobby that´s fun to talk about. That way, during a conversation, you can say, "Hey, have you ever XXXX?" If they say yes, you´ve found a great partner to share your hobby with. If they say no, you can tell them about it and answer whatever questions they might have about it.

Say Something you´re Thinking
I don´t mean something suggestive or about the person you´re looking at. Say something about the situation - "Wow, I´ve always loved this view at night" or "Hey, I got my favorite seat!" or "Uh oh, I wonder if it´s supposed to rain this afternoon?" Anything spoken is an invitation to a response, and you may just get your person to answer you and strike up a conversation.

Compliment an Object they are Wearing
People get defensive if you become personal quickly. If you start talking about their eyes or lips or something, that can be a bit too intimate. But people are often very proud of items they've bought, whether it's a gorgeous necklace or interesting hair ribbon. Think of something the item reminds you of - a necklace of your mom's, a ribbon you saw in a store in New York. Bring it up as if this item of hers (or his) reminds you of fond memories. You may be able to get into a conversation about the item.

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