Flirting Fun - Must-Have Flirting Items

A Rainy Day Umbrella
Keep a small umbrella around where itīs easy to get to, in your locker or desk or whatever. You might not necessarily need it for yourself, but itīs always cozy to share one when you want to help out a potential īfriendī in need! "Want to share my umbrella" is a friendly and helpful way to start a conversation even if itīs just drizzling out.

A Surprise in Your Pocket
My boyfriend always puts his hands in my back pockets when we hug. So, I started putting little pieces of paper with small quotes or love notes on them. He likes getting a surprise from my pockets and it keeps the romance alive!

A Tattoo
While people would be shy about complimenting on a body part, itīs always open season on complimenting tattoos as beautiful works of art. If youīre not ready for a real one, get a temporary one. Itīs always a great conversation starter.

An Interesting Pet
Iīm not saying you should get a cat or dog *just* to meet people, but if you have one already, or have a friendīs pet you can walk, this is a sure-fire way to meet other pet lovers. While people might be shy about talking to *you*, they donīt mind at all petting your collie, or asking with interest about whatever pet you happen to be carrying around.

An Interesting Saying
There are t-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers, and other items with all sorts of sayings. Find one that says something unique about you, and wear it or carry it around. It gives other people the opportunity to make comments to you, and if you connect with someone who shares your interest, it could lead to much more!

Interesting Jewelry
That doesnīt mean TONS of jewelry, but choose an item thatīs intriguing and able to be talked about. It gives someone else an opening to come talk to you, to ask about it. And if you start a conversation with someone, you can always tell them why that particular piece is so interesting.

Key Car Items
Do you have a car you use at least occasionally? Key things to keep in it are jumper cables, a flashlight with good batteries, and a cell phone. There are tons of times that you can be there for a handsome stranger if youīve got something to help them out of a jam. If you get the person out of a jam, you might find a thank-you dinner or present coming your way, and get to know them better!

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