Flirting Fun - Places to Try

Bus and Subway Stops
At bus and subway stops, everyone is stuck there with nothing to do until they get to where they are going. Why not have some fun with it? Ask someone about a shirt theyīre wearing, or the weather, or the way the stop is organized, or anything. You might make some great new friends! Printer Friendly Version | Forward To a Friend

Yup, church and other religious buildings are great places to flirt! Why? Because part of flirtation is *subtle teasing*. You can smile at that guy across the row, and then sit back and make him think about you for the next 30 minutes, and he wonīt be able to move, talk to anyone, or do anything else! Printer Friendly Version | Forward To a Friend

Grocery Stores
Itīs amazing how many flirts practice their skills at the grocery store! Itīs so easy, because there are so many things to talk about. If someone is examining apples, you can say "Thatīs my favorite kind!" or "Donīt apples remind you of Halloween?" If you learn cool little tidbits about items, like "You can tell if that is fresh by poking it gently", youīre sure to get at least a smile of thanks! Printer Friendly Version | Forward To a Friend

Yup, everybody knows about flirting in malls! Why is it so popular? First, itīs easy. There are always guys and girls at malls, so youīre not "out of place". Itīs easy to spot someone to flirt with without having to be obvious about it. Then, itīs also easy to wander over and make a comment about whatever theyīre doing or looking at.

You can even buy something cheap and unusual, to give him/her something to ask you about. Always make it easy to be talked to! You want the person youīre flirting with to have fun, not to be stuck for words!

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