Getting More Serious - Expert Techniques

You're enjoying sex with your partner, and you've learned how much fun sex can be if you vary from the basic man-on-top style. Here are some more exotic things for you two to try!

* Would you, could you in a car?
* How about a moving car?
* Be involved in doing something while going through a toll booth
* Would you, could you on a boat?
* How about a plane? That's the Mile High club you're joining

* Try it on the washing machine or dryer while it's running
* Try it in the back yard, not when the neighbors can watch though!

* Try it in total darkness
* Try it by candlelight, with candles all around
* Try it in full light of day
* Get a mirror and do it in front of the mirror

* Try it in a bubble bath
* Try it in the shower
* Try it with scented massage oils
* Try it with chocolate body paints

* Try it with whipped cream
* Try it with menthos in your mouth
* Try it with pop rocks in your mouth
* Try it with ice cubes!

* Try it in lingerie
* Try it in a dress-up outfit
* Try it with velvet handcuffs

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