Everybody has to learn the techniques for flirting from somewhere. There are always new techniques to learn, because every person is different! If you weren't raised in a flirtatious environment, it's never too late to learn! Begin your education today, and soon you'll find yourself flirting with the best and dating the people you have always dreamed of!

FlirtingClass is the adults-focused sister site to RomanceClass.

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NOTE: THIS SITE COVERS ALL LEVELS OF FLIRTING BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING INDVIDUALS. It therefore talks about subjects like how to kiss erotically, how to massage each other, and more. If you are upset by descriptions of two consenting people touching each other, this site may NOT be for you. There are no photos, but this site is intended to help readers learn about enhancing their relationships. The descriptions are as graphic as they need to be to explain the point properly.

For a PG-rated site that discusses ways to care for each other and build up friendships and relationships, visit RomanceClass.com, our sister site.