Getting More Serious - Dealing with Issues

Every person has his or her own sexual wants and desires. Very, very rarely are two people perfectly compatible. As in most other areas of a relationship, you need to first determine what it is you both want and need, and then find ways to compromise that you both can live with. Don't assume that the sex you have at the beginning of a relationship is any indication of the long-term way things will settle out.

Almost all new relationships go through a 'fresh lust' stage where the two people are greatly excited by each other. As time goes on, the two people settle back into their own personal rhythms and start looking for the things that really make them happy. One of the fun parts of a relationship is to figure out what those rhythms are, and how to work them together.

Also, all bodies change over time. They get fatter or thinner, thicker or flabbier. Your hormones change month to month and year to year. The medications you take can affect your libido level. Be sure to always communicate about your needs! What you thought was great a year ago may not be suitable now.

Here are some specific situations, and some advice on getting through them:

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