Flirting Fun - Things to Try

Lean Forward
No, itīs not because you want to show off your cleavage or muscles. Itīs because you want the person to know you are interested in them! If you sit up straight or lean back, you give off the impression that you are not interested in the person, and want to be away from them. By leaning forward, towards them, you show your interest in them.

Draw them In
First, make sure you're clean before you do this, because you want them to enjoy being near you! So make sure you shower and smell FRESH (not perfumy or smelly) before you try this one. Talk to the person very actively, showing them that you like them and enjoy talking to them. Then slowly start talking more quietly and intimately. They'll need to get closer to you to hear what you're saying. You draw them in closer with your voice :)

Praise Her in Public
Whenīs the last time you told someone else how lucky you feel to have this woman in your life? Complimenting her in front of someone else will make her feel extra special. If you're not that close yet, comment on something she's wearing. Everyone loves to be told they look good, and having it said in front of others just adds to the ego boost.

Share a plate
Thereīs something immediately intimate about sharing a plate of food - it has both of you in the same space, sharing a meal, and able to talk about it. Go for something romantic - chocolate fondue, or fresh fruit. If thatīs not available, try something like bread that you tear from a loaf or an onion blossom. The food items where you each are truly sharing part of a whole work wonders.

The Soft Touch
Touch is an electric sense when flirting - one that can send tingles through a personīs body. Realize this power, and watch for ways to use it. If you are flirting with someone, brush up against them as you walk. Put your hand lightly on their arm when you say something important.

Wear interesting textures
With a lot of flirting being about touching each other, wearing great textures really heightens this. If you wear a soft velvet shirt, then when he/she reaches out to touch you the softness will be an extra thrill.

Thumb Wrestling
Touch is hugely important in flirting, so finding ways to touch your partner are key. One great and non-intimidating way is to challenge him or her to a thumb wrestling contest. This isnīt something that people get wrapped up in if they win or lose, and the hand-to-hand contact, gripping each other tightly, can get hearts racing.

Vulnerability (for women)
Vulnerability is often endearing to men. Here are some things you can do to show your vulnerable side without feeling weak:
* allow him to put his coat around you when youīre cold
* snuggle up to him at night
* let him put his arm around you
* give him that stubborn jar of pickles to open

Strength (for men)
Women are raised with fairy tales of princesses that are truly special - even if they don't realize it themselves for most of the movie. Give her that special sense:
* offer her your jacket if she's cold
* put your hand on her arm as you walk through a room
* just sit and hold her hand for a while

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