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Visitor's Question:
What the hell?
My girlfriend doesn't like clitoral stimulation (spelled that right?)
at first, when I tried it, she responded well.
Then I tried it a few weeks later and tried to get her to orgasm with just clitoral stimulation. I made sure my fingers were wet, and I started out slow and blah-de-blah. It had gotten to the point where I was about 2 minutes into the stimulation and I was moving at a moderately fast pace and she stopped me and said she didn't like to play games. SOOOO... I went for penetration and left it at that.

A few weeks later I was doing the same thing. I made sure everything was lubed up and didn't start with exact pressure, but off to the side, then the clit.... and she pushed me away and I did the two-finger touchdown thing again.

I think she just doesn't like it. Or she just likes penetration more.
Especially when I slipped a third finger into play... wow. good results. But she also isn't willing to try toys. SO... I'm not sure what to do... sigh... not at all...

Our Suggestion:
Do what she likes so long as you are ok with it.

Good luck! George

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