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Visitor's Question:

I have a boyfriend and we have recently taken up dry humping (humping while fully clothed) and I was wondering how a girl is supposed to hump back. He wants me to and I want to as well but I am clueless on how to do it. This is a great site that provides great information on it. We have no intention of taking this to the level of having sex at this point because we are not married. How do I go about doing this? Thank you!


Our Suggestion:
A way to better dry humping is for the boy to give the girl room to operate.

He should keep his weight off of her by using his elbows and knees and not press so hard that the girl can't move. Then the girl can move side to side or arch her back and give pelvic thrusts.

Another way is for the girl to be on top.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at FlirtingClass.com

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