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OK.. My boyfriend is 16 and im 15 going on 16. My boyfriend has had sex before and i am still a virgin(proud of it). He wants to take my virginity away. we've known each other for about 5 months. and he barley asked me to be his girlfriend(6 days). I went tot his house at like 10 somthing A.M. and we layed in his bed and he got on top of me and was between my legs(my clothes were still on). we wanted to have sex. We have talked about it alot for the past 3 months. he kept teasing me trying to turn me on. Which he did. but i didnt show it. i really really wanted to but i was afraid. my dad is a co-paster and i dont want to make my dad or family look bad.Isaac(my boyfriend) says he loves me. he doesnt say it often he's shy saying it. he doesnt say it unless he means it. but we were in his room he started touching me places and i liked it yeah... and he started moving his body on mine. he put his hand in my shirt touching my chest and he knew i wanted to have sex but i was kinda backing off. he kept at it and kinda tought me how to french kiss. he started kissing my neck and ear and forehead and i didnt know what to do. IM SUCH A VIRGIN. i dont know wat to do. im very self conciouse. and i didnt know what to do or wat to say... and i keep telling him yeah and then i say no and i dont want to lose my boyfriend cause i love him so much and he knows it. I cant make out or french kiss. i want to have sex but im scared. i have earges and i dont know...he's very experianced and im... a virgin.. i dont know what to do.. i need some help please people wat should i do?? i know i should wait for "the one" and sex can lead to STD's. i know safe sex is no sex. and i know about " if he truely loves you he'll respect your decision to do it or not." but wen your in the heat of the moment you just forget it all and... lose all thought of do i handle it and wat do i do??!?! HELP!!!

Our Suggestion:
When you are sure you want to lose your virginity, then worry about how.

The one thing you didn't specifically mention was using condoms which must be done each and every time the boy enters you.

My advice is to wait until you are sixteen just so you are sure of what you want to do.

Good luck! George

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