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i met a guy off the internet. we have been talking for nearly 8 months. we met up at my friends house. at first we was a little shy then we went into the bedroom. i gave him oral sex and we began to have sex. he cum to quickly, got embarased and left rather quickly. we have txtd each other a few times since but i cant help feeling that he just used me and that the reason he cum to quickly and couldnt get it 'up' again was because i am fat and ugly. please give me some advice as im feeling so dumb

Our Suggestion:
Sometimes when boys get sex too easily they lose interest.

This can happen with the prettiest girl too so don't blame this on you looks.

Why not ask him directly the next time you txt each other. Ask him he still likes and if he wants to see you again. It's better to ask than not know.

Good luck! George

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