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me and my girlfiend have been going out for sometime now and the other day we decided that we was both ready for sex, so we went upstairs to find that my penis wouldnt go up her vagina how could we get over this problem? is it anything to do with the hymen?

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Well first, hopefully you guys have been going out for a number of months and are well familiar with all the normal oral sex and other types of arousal. I.e. you both know fully how to get each other aroused. If you have EITHER of you not fully aroused, sex just doesn't work well.

So if he is fully aroused and hard - and SHE is fully aroused and wet - then now hopefully you put on a condom. All sex can result in a child. You said this was a girlfriend, not wife - so apparently you are not ready to raise a child yet.

So if she WAS very wet and you WERE very hard, then it's simply a matter of one going in to the other. Sure, girls sometimes have a hymen. But that's just a thin strip of flesh. That breaks a lot of the time just with horseback riding or bike riding. It's not anything thick. That is MEANT to break during sex, so usually it won't stop you from going in.

Usually the issue at this point is that she is nervous and clamping down her muscles. But you guys have been dating and doing these things for quite a while, yes? I would have to ask here if you are perhaps rushing things, and that you two are really not as fully comfortable with each other as you might think, if she is clamping down so hard that you can't get in.

Finally, she can of course always talk to her gynecologist - she should definitely be going to a gynecologist if she is being intimate with you. The gyn would be able to examine and give advice.

-- from Lisa
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