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Hi, one thing that seems to bother me is that there are alot of guys out there who treat their girls like crap. The thing that ticks me off even more is that these girls seem to always mention that the guy is well endowed. "Its the biggest thing ive ever seen!" Some girls even stay with the guy for this reason. I know life isnt fair. But if a man is going to degrade and treat his girl like total crap the least god could do is give him a smaller than average size penis right? A fair reward for being a prick? Instead of making him HUNG like a horse so he can get and damage any girl and feel good about himself while doing it!

Im a good guy, i treat people with respect, im competitive, and i do the guy things, i watch and play sports, im fit, even though im only 5'6 im never intimidated at work, in sports or even the dating scene by guys bigger than me. But my psychy has been hurt a bit lately. By this cruel irony that some real scum bags are hung like pornstars, where im above average as a person, and only slightly "where it counts"...real fair.

Ive read alot of stuff, and i have yet to hear anything that makes me feel better about just being slightly bigger than average while watching these well hung jerk offs keep picking up the chicks and looking alpha male like because they "measure" up much better than i do. I think alot of good guys out there hate that bs.

Got anything that i could say to myself everytime this ticks me off so my own selfesteem isnt hurt? Even me telling myself, "Ya the guys got size, but hes not a real man since he acts like a child and treats people like crap" DOESNT work anymore.

I used to be in a practical nursing class myself and the only other male in the class heard over 90 girls tell us.
"Hey if you aint got eight (inches) you aint great!" and
"Size matters, and when the guy has size of course he has more confidence, in the animal kingdom they are the top desired males". (>_<)
I CANT STAND HEARING IT ANYMORE. I need some advice or a saying to block it out!

The other thing is i look on different websites for sex tips, but none seem to have last minute prep tips. I dont want positions and info on that, i have that down.

What id like to know is if you are getting ready for a night where you want to be on your best are there things a guy can do? Because this friday i have my very first night together with my girlfriend and id like to function in a good memorable way. I have been way too run down and stressed lately, and its been hurting my A game.

Tips-wise is there anything like?
Like no alcohol vs maybe some to relax.
Or NO MASTERBATION the night, or day before vs if you dont have sex or masterbate you will go off too soon.

Thats what i mean. Do you guys know any tips to ensure things go to plan?

Thanks for any advice you have. Advice
First off, in the animal kingdom it is not the size of the penis that matters, it is the ability to fight off other males. And, the female nursing class were just talking through their hats. Size doesn't matter much to women and if you are normal sized, that is plenty. What does matter is how you treat women. They get most excited by what's going on in their brains. If you can, offer her a small amount of alcohol to loosen her up too.

As for getting ready for a night out, like you said you need rest so you are not run down and stressed. Dress right, shave, put on something that smells good (girls love that.) A little alcohol will loosen you up but if you overdo it you are going to be in trouble. At your age, masturbation should not be a concern. If you do, it will reduce the chances of going off too soon--but then if you don't you can have the opportunity for more sex acts.

Just don't worry too much about all of this... it will happen naturally and worry will come in the way.

Good luck! George

-- from George
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