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So a friend and I started talking again after 5 years of no contact. We rekindled our old friendship and became even closer. He even offered to be my prom date since i didn't have one (though he ended up being busy and i didn't really want to go). Over time we realized that we both liked each other. Things got in the way and he thought his feelings changed. So we continued to talk just as friends and during the summer decided to hook up (again something got in the way). I ended up having a summer fling. My summer fling ended and the we decided to pick up where we had left off. He told me that night (soon after the fling ended) that he still liked me and always did and that he made a mistake for not going out with me. So we hooked up (just as friends, because again something got in the way). When we hooked up we just had oral sex (on his end).....but we still talked and we were thinking about having sex. It was hard to plan, and we weren't able to do it. I soon found out that I am unable to have sex.
He left for college and we continued to talk (though at first less due to him thinking I'd get over him faster if we didn't talk). We still knew that we liked each other but we were moving on. I got a boyfriend that ended up not working because I wasn't over the guy I hooked up with (but thats another story). After a while he got back with his ex-gf (which I didn't think was a good idea) and i got back with mine (which he didn't think was too great of an idea too) (again another story). We still talked and we soon found that we were right about getting back with our exs'. Both of our relationships failed and we both ended up hurt. When he found out about mine he said that "we have more in common that he had cared to realize and that when he came back we should go on a date" (a real date) give us a real try. As usual something got in the way (and like usual on his end).
Well he's back for break and we've planned on getting together to hook up. I was shocked that he asked me b/c he had said that we needed to take a break from talking just days earlier. But he still asked and I agreed. We're planning on doing the same thing as last time, but have also discussed trying something new. He's been much farther physically than me and understands that. But what we've discussed doing he's never done (he's never mouth fucked and I've only been as far as oral sex) and he's wanted to try and he thinks I'll enjoy it. Sense I can't have sex I'm a good person to try it with.
I guess what I'm asking is:
What is mouth fucking and how do I do it?
Is what he and I are doing a good idea?
Is it wrong what we do?
Do you think it could ever be more between us?


Oh, I'm 17 and he's 18 Advice
I am unclear as to what you have done and want to do. But first off, if you haven't done so already you should make an appointment with a gynecologist and verify that you will never be able to have normal vaginal sex--my guess is that you misunderstood what someone said and that you are able to have sex.

As far as oral sex, since I don't follow what you are saying, let me state what it is and how to do it. It's very easy.

If a man gives a woman oral sex, he put his tongue in her vagina and licks and sucks her clitoris and hopefully she orgasms. She should talk to him and let him know what feels best.

If a woman gives a man oral sex, she takes his penis into her mouth and sucks on it until he has an orgasm. He should be talking to her and telling her what feels best and when he is coming. They should agree in advance whether she will swallow the cum or spit it out.

Good luck! George

-- from George
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