boys suckkkkkkkkkk

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hey "george".
my problem is that i like this guy. he is very attractive and smart, funny, fun, and simpler words perfect. he is very different from other guys. he is one of those guys that girls rarely find and sounds too good to be true. we talk a lot and flirt with eachother a lot, and he desperatly wants us to see eachother all the time. but sometimes when we talk we talk about us "having fun" and i dont know if he is ever joking so i go along with it. i really like him a lot and i know that he is a very experienced and serious guy. i really want to be his gf, but i feel like unless i commit to what he wants to do that wont happen. but i dont want to do something that i will regret. he tells me that he acts really different with me then the way he acts with other girls, and he doesnt get these kinds of feelings he gets with other girls either. i feel like he does like me but he wont want to talk to me anymore unless i give in to what he want to do. i dont want to tell him that i dont want to do anything "bad" but i want him to figure it out himself. how can i do that? and how can i do it so he wont stop talking to me after he realizes that i wouldnt want to do anything, because i feel like he wont want to anymore for some reason. hes not a player at all but just very experienced. he doesnt think differently about girls if they are or arent virgins, but he likes to "play around" with his gfs a lot. Advice
You need to spell it out for him and live with the results.

Tell him "yes" or "no" specifically on the following list:

Regular sex
Anal sex
"69" (mutual oral sex)
Oral sex (you doing him)
Oral sex (him doing you)
hand job

I know it sounds rather crude to be so honest about this, but from reading your post, it seems the best way. You could even say, if you want to, that the list is how you feel right now but you may feel different in the future.

Rather than listing each item, you might just say "I won't go any farther than "69" (if that's your current stopping point.)

Good luck! George
p.s. your title "boys suckkkkkkk" is negative. Try to think of boys as just human beings who like affection, closeness, and intimacy. It is a built-in instinct of the human race. Whatever you do, it is your choice since intimacy is by mutual agreement.

-- from George
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