ways to be intimate but staying a virgin

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hi,i really need some tips or advice on something.ive been dating this girl for a while and we've been getting a little physical but the thing is that she is still a virgin and i am not.we've bee talking about it and im willing to wait with her till shes ready.we both agree that its best if we wait and see and if we do make it to marriage then we know we're ready.id do anything for this girl and if she wants to wait then ill wait.im never going to make her do something she doesnt want to do.she means the world to me and i dont want to lose her.we started getting into some intimate situations where shes touching and rubbing me in places but at the same time i dont know what to do with her since shes a virgin,what im asking is what are some ways to be intimate and physical with her but not take her virginity away?any tips or advice will help me a lot.thanks.

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The only way you can take her virginity is to put your penis in her vagina. Anything else you do is ok as you have defined what you want.

First thing, talk in general with her about this subject and see what she has to say. She may know already exactly what she wants and may be eager to tell you. Don't say it's too embarrassing to talk about... remember you are thinking of getting married.

As far as things to do, use your hands, fingers, lips, mouth and tongue to touch ever part of her body and as you do ask her how it feels, good or so so. Take things slowly so you and she have time to get accustomed to what you are doing.

Good luck! George

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