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How should I go about talking to my GF about finger. I think she'd be somewhat wary of the idea, but if I talked to her about it (In a non-pressuring way) she would go along with it. Problem is, I'm at a loss for words.

On that note, after I talk to her about it, what's a really nice way to start the business? I know foreplay and all that, but when you start moving downwards... I would really like to make it romantic. Something better than just ripping her pants off and doing the work. Advice
Tell her you want to talk with her about a sexual topic but you are at a loss for words. She will encourage you to tell her and then just use whatever words come to mind. Be sure to make it clear what you mean. For example, "I would like to give you pleasure with my finger."

Then when the time comes, run your hand down the front of her pants and inside the panties. Or, if she has a skirt on that makes it easier. You could even ask her which would be more comfortable for her and let her choose.

Good luck! George

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