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its me again from the erectile disfunction question, evarything is sorted with that know it was sucological its sorted out now, its working

thanks for your help

ok me and my g/f are both 15

we have been going out for 2 month and a half know, and well since the problem has fixed itself we seem 2 be having sex more often (1ns evary week) and i cant help but think is this 2 much becouse my last serious gf we were having sex 2 much and eventually it turned into 5 times a week(the gf i had at the age of 12)

simply im asking what can i do if its to much, is it to much?

i feel like it is and i want 2 cut down i just want to be with her and hold her in my arms, but i cant help but have sex with her when we are alone in my house, or when i have 1 of my house party's

she says she's not bothered and that she likes having sex with me, but i cant help but feel worried, i dont want this turning into a sexual only relationship, i love this woman i still only see sex as a mostly mental (90%) thing between 2 ppl that love each other so much they get as intamit as possible, thats why i have sex with her, not for personal gain in pleasure but becouse i love her and i want to please her, and be as close as possible to her.

ones we were watching a film in a friends we were sitting behind them (they were on the floor) and she started giving me a hand job i told her to stop b4 it got to intense n i cum, so then i returned the favor and fingered her but i feel a little bit disonest to my friends for doing this and also dirty for doing something sexual while someone else other than my lover in the room

im not shure but am i being a little silly about the film thing,i konw it probably wont turn into a sexual only relationship, my heart tells me so but just to be on the safe side and your advise has helped me b4, so...

thank you for taking your time to read Advice
Having sex once a week is certainly not too much for most people. I recently had a question from a woman who wanted sex three times a day.

You are probably worrying a little too much about this subject. It is good of you to want to please her and be close to her but don't forget your own pleasure.

If you feel bad about sexual behavior with friends in the room then tell your girlfriend that you would rather not do it.

Good luck! George

-- from George
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