Do I take her back or is she just going too lie again

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this might be a bit loign but i really wanna tell you everythign cause i am at the bottom of the boat right now and i have too many feeligns goign thru me right now. if u coudl reply i would really apreciate it thank you

well i have been dating this girl for 6 months...and we broke up because she was always hangin out with guys and just didnt want to with me aymore...she assured me that they were only friends and that i should trust her cause she has known them for hard as it was i listened and completly trusted her and became unjealouse...its been a month since we broke up and we hang out pretty much everyday and talk everydy and she tells me she loves me and we will get back together and she is goign too ask me out again soon...but 3 days ago i got a phone call from her ex saying she cheated on me so i didnt believe him and i called her and told her what he said and she assured me it wasnt true...bout 5 min later her ex calls back and says that guy and his friend are at her house right now and she fucked the guy on halloween:( i went over there too find out myself she assured me she wouldnt do that too me and htye were only i siad i wanna talk to the guy and she said no but i did anyhow and he said he did and he didnt no we were working things out and goign too be back together...she was completly broken down by then and told me too leave i was crying and i left and really didnt say anythign too her except WHY...she wouldnt talk too me at all the whole day she just cried her mom said...and the next day her and her family went to calafornia forf a week now im left thinking does she love me or him what do i do....she assured me she only did it once but she says she loves me...but the guy told me they were going too start dating...what do i do the night she cheated on me i even drove her to the party:( and she told me she loved me before she left...i have never loved a girl as much as her i think she is perfect in everyway and i even trusted her and this do i fix things...she doesnt like too talk about it cause she just starts too cry...what do i do too fix it do i forgive her...i really love her and want it too work...but my last gf did the same thing and i forgave her and swhe did it again...i really love this girl and have treated her better then anybody i have ever been with...what do i do to fix it and is it worth trying too? Advice

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Don't fall for lies
Trust and Honesty
Leave it alone
Another chance
You won't believe

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