The environment sets the mood! Here are a few ideas of where to go on a date. Go Casual Don´t make your first date be the most fancy dress event you can think of, in a pressured situation at a ritzy restaurant. Go for something casual – a walk onRead More →

Love is a great thing, yea, a great and thorough good. By itself it makes that which is heavy light; and it bears evenly all that is uneven. It carries a burden which is no burden; it will not be kept back by anything low and mean; It desires toRead More →

When you’re flirting with girls, it’s a great idea to call them nicknames. Everyone else in the world calls them by their proper name – Amanda or Sarah or whatever it is. By using a flirty nickname, you get a little closer. You build that special connection between you andRead More →

One day I wrote her name upon the strand But came the waves and washed it away: Agayne I wrote it with a second hand, But came the tyde, and made my paynes his pray. “Vayne man,” sayd she, “that doest in vaine assay, A mortall thing so to immortalize,Read More →

I care not for these ladies That must be wooed and prayed; Give me kind Amaryllis, The wanton country maid. Nature Art disdaineth; Her beauty is her own. Her when we court and kiss, She cries, “Forsooth, let go!” But when we come where comfort is, She never will sayRead More →

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips’ red; If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun; If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head. I have seen roses damasked, red and white, But no such roses seeRead More →

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date: Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimmed; And everyRead More →