I don't believe in premarital sex

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hi am new to this site but it seems interesting and helpful.i am almost 17 in two months time.i have a boyfriend for three years already and he is the sweetest guy i have ever met. we never had sex cause i thought that it was too soon an i wasnt ready.now its different i am ready but there is couple of things that preventing me from carrying on. my mother like all mothers wont be able to accept that i lost my virginity so soon,my dad tells me that he is not interfaring with my sexlife all he tells me is that when i am ready use a condom and be careful you i give my virginity to. my friends told me that i am big enough because i am the oldest in the group and wee are all virgins. if i dont try it first no one will have the gutts to do it. i wanted to give it up for on my sweet sixteen birthday but my boyfriend told me that i wasnt ready and he wants it to be a night to remember for the both of us.he is not a virgin he is experienced but hadent done it since we met. the great thing is that he never forces me to do anything that i dont want to but i figure that i an ready to give it up. my boyfriend is almost 21. i attent high school 12grade its my last year and he attends college,this is his last year. i want it to be a gift for his birthday this year as a surprise but i dont want my parents to think that i ama whore or whatever.isnt this my decision? do you think that i sould do it? i really believe that he's worth it .he has been soo good to me and this year will give us 4 years together.am not saying that its so long i am just saying that i want to break my virginity but at the same time i want it to be something great to remember. he propossed to me christmas and asked me to be his wife almost 2years back. i believe that i will marry him. i dont believe in premarital sex and said that my virginity would be the altimate wedding gift. he says the same thing but the more we see each other the more i want to change my mind on that decision. should i do it for his birhtday? should i wait until marriage? if i cant wait entirely until marriage what can we do meanwhile without actually having intercourse...

please answer as soon as possible and please be straight forward. thank you for your time and consideration

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This has to be your choice.

First thing is to think it over very, very carefully. I think you have done that.

Second, as your dad said is to be careful about who you give your virginity to. You certainly are being careful about that.

Next, you ought to be very sure that your boyfriend is going to be happy to be surprised. Some people don't like surprises and he might prefer to enjoy having the thoughts about it beforehand. You are the best judge of this.

Finally, if you decide against intercourse the alternative is oral sex.

Good luck! George

-- from George
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