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Hi, I had a question about sex. I'm 21 years old and still havent had sex cus I wasnt ready for it. My boyfriend is soo good to me, he has been waiting so long until I am ready and has never stressed me about it. We do everything else, just not the complete intercourse. In the beginning, I was really scared and nervous about bleeding or pain, but in time, I started fingering myself which relieved me cus I figured if I can finger myself completely anytime, then I wont have any bleeding or pain cus my hymens broken. Thats true isnt it? I'm just still alittle scared, I guess because just the thought of something bigger going inside me makes me nervous. I reeeally want sex. A few times when we have tryed, I just told him to stop and lets try another time. Basically, I just wanted to ask you, if I can finger myself all the way, then I am not going to have any pain or bleeding when we have sex for the first time am I? I think I just need to KNOW that I wont have any pain or bleeding, and I have nothing to worry about, and then I will go for it. I think its just a matter of pushing him inside me? I love this guy sooo much, and I know I owe him now for all the time he has waited. We have been together for a looong time now. If you could please help me out, and let me know everything about my situation, I would appreciate it alot. Thank you so much. Advice
Guess what! One day a baby's head may come out of your vagina. So don't worry about anything as tiny as a man's dick :)

You can finger yourself so you will feel no pain or bleeding when you start intercourse.

Good luck! George

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