I feel that i have failed my marriage cause im always nagging him telling him he is a no good loser!

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Im mailing you from south africa well i think that my main concern is this.

1. My hubby love to receive oral sex but does not want to do it to me. I've shaved showered and tried everything from syrup to ice cream nothing helps he say that he dislikes it and will never do it to me. I have asked him if he had a bad experience and he said no. What do i do?

2. When we do make love he refuses to look at me. Im beautifull and i know that there is nothing wrong with me, we have only been married like 4 months and i already feel less of a woman.

3. He only want to do it doggy style.

4. We argue all the time. He is lazy and doesnt want to get off his arse! We live with my parents and my dad has tried to get him involved with jobs but he just doesnt care. He sleeps late and want to whatch television the whole day.

I feel that i have failed my marriage cause im always nagging him telling him he is a no good loser!

please help


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You really need to see a professional marriage/sex therapist quick before he becomes so set in his ways he can't change.

In fact, the things you mention are so gloomy that my guess is that you will be looking for a divorce lawyer after see the therapist for a while. He doesn't want to pleasure you in a way that most women find exceedingly enjoyable. He won't look at you while having sex. He only wants to do it doggy style (where he doesn't have to look at your face.) And he's a lazy jobless lieabout.

My guess is that he has developed these habits over his years of dating and I'm pessimistic that he can change. He may have an inferiority complex that would explain some of his behavior.

Act on these problems immediately, if a divorce is in your future, you would rather have it be sooner than later.

Sorry for the grim advice, but that's the way I see it.

Best of luck!

-- from George
One of Your Friendly Advisors at FlirtingClass.com

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