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Okay, my boyfriend and I have gone out off and on for 3 years and we really do love each other so we decided to have sex. We will both be 18 in a few months. So we bought condoms and had sex but had a rough time of it the first time. It took a long time to get my hymen to break. I never did bleed but I think it broke. Any way, we tried to have sex again but he couldn't seem to get it in all the way. I don't know what we could be doing wrong, it doesn't seem like rocket science. I am now on the birth control pill and we are still using condoms as a back up method of protection and the condom was lubricated but I thought that maybe I should use another type of lubrication as well???? It is frustrating because we want to do it but are having a rough time. Is this normal? Oh, by the way, he was a virgin, too, our first time. Advice
Is he sufficiently hard to enter you? Ask him.

If he is, then you should go to your gynecologist and ask for an examination to determine if your hymen is fully broken or if there might be some other problem (I can't think of any, but you never know.)

Use your finger to see if you can figure it out. Could there be an old tampon that needs to be removed?

Good luck! George

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