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before i met my boyfriend i was talking to his brother and his friend and they had asked me if i was a virgin and i didnt answer them but then i told them that io wasnt (even though i was)but i told them not to tell anyone because i wanted them to believe me because they thought it was cool. after that i met my boyfriend and we both love each other so much but he knew anout what i told his brother and his friend. so he thouhgt i wasnt a vigin and i didnt really think it would bother him that much so i still went along with it because i thought he would think it was cool too. it turned out that he hates it and he thinks about it all the time, pritty much everyday and it makes him sick. he always asked me questions and i always made up another story to make it seem like what i did wasnt my fault but it got to the point where he couldnt take it anymore and he didnt know what he was gonna do. so i knew i had to tell him the truth, which is that i never had sex and that everything i had told him wasnt true. i knew he wasnt gonna believe me at first and i knew i had to prove it to him i just dont know how. we still talk alot but all we do is talk about why he doesnt know what to believe and how we both want it to just go away but it wont. i just wanna know if its possable to get through this and what i have to do to prove it to him and get him to trust me again and believe me when i say that i am a virgin. please help.

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If you still have your hymen, ask him to feel it.

If it's not there it probably got broken by riding bicycles, sports, or even a tampon. Feel yourself and determine whether it is still there.

Even if it's gone you can ask him to feel for it and he probably won't be able to tell the difference.

Of course, this is embarrassing unless you're having fun while you do it.

Otherwise he will just have to trust you.

Good luck! George

-- from George
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