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My boyfriend and I (both 19) are both still virgins. We have been dating for little over a year now... and we know that we are both responsible enough to start having sex. We have fooled around a lot and are pretty comfortable with each other. But we are both very busy and we both live with our parents, so there isn't much time or many opportunities to do anything sexual or romantic together. BUT, we are planning a trip to the Cancun here in a few months... we will be in our own room (my parents will be there, but in a seprate room). Do you think it would be best to just wait and make our first time in such a romantic spot. Seems like it would be very memorable. I guess I am just asking... How do I bring this up to him, what would I really say, and if we do decide to just wait until the trip... What are some things that I can do to make it even more special, memorable and romantic? Thank you so much, your advice has helped so much before... Have a wonderful day!

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My advice is to wait for Cancun.

It is definitely a romantic, memorable place for your first time.

Since you are sleeping in the same bedroom we can assume that your parents are ok with your having sex so you don't have to worry about them.

Don't use the first night for having sex. You will still be too hyper from the plane ride, customs, bus, and getting your bearings. Instead use the first night for fooling around and get a good night's sleep--don't wake up early.

On the second day, lounge around the pool, sight see (unless you are at an "all-inclusive" place, in which case there is little to sight see), Have a solid lunch with Caribbean drinks (if you drink and if they will sell them to you). BTW: DON'T GET SUNBURNED!!!!!! It can happen in an hour or so. Use sunblock or stay out of the sun. Oh, and before I forget it... I hope you have calculated so that you won't be having your period while you are down there. That's not the most pleasant way to have your first sex. But you should buy a bright or dark red large towel just in case there is bleeding from any source. Put it under you.

Have a light, late dinner (but don't get yourself crabby for lack of food). Go with the flow during all of this time. No bad vibes. You should have shared all this advice with your b/f before you go to Cancun so he can share in the anticipation and know what the plan is. If he has ideas, incorporate them into your plans. Try to have your dinner alone. After dinner, take a long walk on the beach.

Get back to your room about 9 or 10. Get in the sauna if there is one (shower if no sauna). Light the candles you brought, put on some perfume, if cable has music channels choose a nice one.

Hop on the bed and have a good time :)

Good luck! George

-- from George
One of Your Friendly Advisors at FlirtingClass.com

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