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so my gf and i have been going out for almost 3 months and we love each other but sometimes shes a little distant and standoffish but other times she is more obsessed with me and i love it its great. but for some reason every time i go to finger her she either says no or moves my hand or its her period(happens to be when she gets really horny do you know why?) so do you know a place i could go and how i can get her more comfotable and wanting to do this and i dont have a car? and also how to get her to give me a hand job or at least feels it cuse this is the longest iv waited to go to at least 2nd base ugh. also today she was in a bad mood and didnt really talk and when i asked her whats wrong she said she didnt wanna talk about it. do you know what could be wrong and i dont believe it was me or her parents and it wasnt her period? and also how can i get her to come out to me more? and last shes going to the shore for two weeks and shes seeing all her friends and stuff and theres gunna be a lot of parties and things and this is where she did a lot of her firsts, so how do i know if shes cheating on me of cheats once cuse im really scared becasue i dont wanna lose her cuse i love her? thanks and sorry this is so long. Advice
1. Fingering... she may not be comfortable with the location you are in when you try. Why not come out and ask her about it?

2. Why does she get horny when she has here period... some women just feel that way. You could ask her why.

3. Since you don't have a car you will have to think of places where you can get some privacy... homes, friend's apartments, large park, forest. This is a very difficult thing to figure out but put your mind to it. Ask your friends what they do.

4. To get a handjob, first find a private place and then guide her hand and help her get the rhythm. Or just ask her to.

5. No I don't know why she was upset with you today.

6. She's going to the shore so you will have to trust her. Talk about what she did and ask if she had any romantic interactions with boys.

Good luck! George

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