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ok this is kinda long but here goes i gave my ex bf a blow job and i told one of my guy friends about 3 months later and i really like him (this was after me and the guy i gave a blowjob broke up) and i went riding with him he is 16 im 15 well one day and he asked for head and me being me was really enticed and did it for about 2 hours us in a car steamy windows he was really good with me i feel as though i am in love problem is i asked him if he liked me and he stopped the car looked into my eyes and said "when the time is right i will tell you" so i thought he did well i told my friend he smoked some pot and he called me all pissed and mad and i havent talked to him in about a month i love him and i dont want him mad at me i want to know how he feels heres another problem im moving in 4 months and i dont want to waste time i want to get closer to him what do i do? show up at his house with a note? call him and tell him mom? please help me the one thing i want before i move is him to tell me he loves me please

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Since you haven't talked with him in over a month, you should write him off.

If he cared about you he would have contacted you by now.

Don't waste your next four months imagining he will tell you he loves you... it just isn't going to happen. Instead spend the time doing fun things with friends that you will remember.

Good luck! George

-- from George
One of Your Friendly Advisors at FlirtingClass.com

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