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Ive written to u before many times about a girl that I said I was in love with. Well the truth is she was really hot and I pretty much just wanted to nail her. And u know what thats all girls are really good for. They just mess with ur head and lead u on. You spend hours thinking about them and saying to urself how wonderful theyr are and how u want to have babies with them. In reality yuou just want to get in their pants and never call em again. I was a nice guy with this girl and u know where that got me NOWHERE. You think I give a rat's ass about what movies she likes and what her dreams are F*CK NO. Why cant chicks be straight up with u. And anothe thing u guys told me to be there for her and become her best friend. Well that didnt work. What I should do is treat her like the slut that she is and maybe I could get in her pants cuz after all thats all guys really want. Im 19 and I just spent the last 3 years of my life obsessed with a girl. I saw her go out with asshole after asshole and I stood on the sidelines watching. Well im changed now. Im gonna treat girls like sh*t from now on and u know what its gonna work. So thanks for the advice u were wrong the whole way.

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I'm sorry things didn't work out for you.

You are obviously frustrated and pissed and after spending three years on one girl you should be.

But I don't think you should try to change yourself over one girl. I really don't think the idea of treating girls poorly is going to work in the long run and certainly won't get you a lasting marriage.

I wish you the best! George

-- from George
One of Your Friendly Advisors at FlirtingClass.com

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